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Important Updates and Helpful Information Issue 2

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Updates to Canvas

There's been an update to Canvas and the look of the Rich Content Editor has changed. The highlights from the User Summary on Canvas are listed below. One featuare you might look for is the link that would allow you to change from Rich Content Editor (RCE) to HTML Editor is no longer above the toolbar. It is now at the bottom right and looks like this <>. Use this to toggle between RCE and HTML editors. All icons have been moved or changed slightly so you may want to hover over each one and see what they do when you get in there to edit a page or or other element.

Here is a list of the enhancements that were included in this update:

The following enhancements are included with this feature update:

  • The Rich Content Editor expands to the full width of the browser and can also be expanded into full screen mode

  • The toolbar includes a condensed, more intuitive look

  • Toolbar menus are grouped by common icons and interactions

  • The content sidebar only displays when linking to other parts of Canvas, accessing Canvas files, or accessing uploaded media

  • Image and media additions include drag and drop; images include an Unsplash search and content auto-scaling

  • When content in a browser window is long enough to require a scroll bar, the Rich Content Editor menu bar is fixed at the top of the browser window. Users can scroll the length of the browser page and manage content in the Rich Content Editor without having to scroll back up the page to access the menu.

  • The Keyboard shortcut, Accessibility Checker, and HTML Editor icons have moved to the bottom of the editor next to the word count. Additionally, the Rich Content Editor window can be resized using the Move handle below the window, and the window can be expanded to full screen.

Information retrieved from Canvas Release Notes

A video tutorial can be found here New Rich Content Editor in the Canvas Guides. Take a moment to check it out. It is very helpful.

Don't forget about the useful tools with in Canvas under the ? on the grey Global Navigation Bar. You can access the guides put out by Canvas and also chat with a Canvas support person. This is the best place to start if you have an issue in Canvas.

Updates in MasteryConnect

There have been some helpful changes to MasteryConnect. Read about the New Feature below. This should help you when analyzing your student data.

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iReady Data What Can it Tell You?

Here's a guide from iReady that will help you view and analyze the data from the Winter Diagnostic your students resently completed.

The data will help you make instructional decisions such as creating student groups or strategically adding Teacher-Assigned Lessons. Use the data to create goals for the end of the year and involve the students and family. Go here for some helpful tips and information.

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Free Monitor for Teachers

Hey Teachers,

You can receive a free 2nd monitor that you can hook up to your laptop or desktop. It really does make virtual teaching a little easier because you have more room to organize all of those windows you have open to do your job.

This is a special donors choose project that will match a donor with each teacher to receive a free monitor. Go to this website to complete the application and the monitor will be shipped to you. It's that easy!

Click this link!

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