Finishing Bottle Cap Art Mural

Letter from Rachel, Tuesday's Field trip to the Library

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for coming out on Saturday, Beautification Day. Our school looks amazing and even more beautiful. Bottle Cap Mural looks great but it still needs more work. Please read the following letter from Rachel:

Hello Parents,

Thank you SO much for all of your hard work yesterday! While we didn't quite finish the bottle cap mural, we are very close and it looks absolutely incredible!! It's possible some of these kids will end up being general contractors with the way they handled the power tools. Thank you to all the parents and kids who came out yesterday and worked like crazy on the mural. I know it was hot, I know I'm bossy and I know it was a long day. But, it was all worth it and it's really something special. I am so grateful for all the kids and their collecting of caps and passion for this project. And, grateful for all the hard work they put in today. I think your kids are awesome, and am so happy that we have gotten to do this project together. And, it was great getting to know parents I hadn't met yet! Some folks said they'd be happy to come and help finish the mural, and I will definitely take you up on that. I could also use a parent with beautiful handwriting to help write up the info about the project, etc. Email me if that's you! My plan is to finish it after my arts meeting on Tuesday morning (Jan. 20th). If you'd like to meet at school in B5, around 9:30, we can finish it up. Please bring a charged drill. Everything is in the shed at school, so it's just a matter of finishing up the clear/white caps. I could also use someone good at math to help drill where the bolts need to go, then we have to hang it up. If you can help, let me know. I'm going out of town on Thursday, and I definitely want it done before then.

Again, thank you so much. And, thank you Mr. Navarro and Ms. Russo for always taking the time for art and letting the kids participate. Thank you and if you can make it Tuesday morning, let me know. Best – Rachel

Library Field Trip on Tuesday, January 20th

We are coming back to school on Tuesday, January 20th. Our class is walking to the library that same day. Please make sure all kids have library cards on them and that all books are returned so they will have no problem checking out new books. If you would like to volunteer for this walking field trip here's a link to sign up:

Important Dates to Remember

Jan 19 - No School (MLK)

Jan20th - School ends at 1:45pm
Feb 16 - No School (President's Day)
March 9-13 - Parent Teacher Conferences
March 30-Apr 3 - No School (Spring Break)
April 6 - No School (Cesaer Chavez)
May 8 - 4th Grade Sacramento Field Trip
May 25 - No School (Memorial Day)

June 4 - Last Day of School


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Have a great weekend,

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