Candidate for the EU

Iceland and the EU

Iceland was not member of the countries that organized the EU. Currently the country is attempting to join the EU along with Montenegro, Turkey, Serbia and others. Iceland applied to be a candidate in 2009 and is still waiting.

History of Iceland

After the Icelandic civil war. Iceland fell into the hands of Norwegian king. Not for long, because the Danish invaded Norway and gained Iceland. The island is north west of Europe. It is also the second biggest island in Europe. Iceland has many volcanoes and geological features. The biggest volcanoe is Eyjafjallaujökul. This is a picture above the clouds and seeing Eyjafjallaujökul erupt.

Icelandic flag and map

A great place to see amazing geological features!

Places to see and things to do.

Major cities to visit include Bolingarvic, Siglufjordur, Seydisfjordur, and Grindavik. The capital is Reykjavik. Things to see are the hundreds of geysers and geological features. Many beautiful pictures are very easy to get.

Icelands government

Iceland has a constitutional republic government after the Danish and Norwegean rule. Like the states of the U.S.A Iceland has many counties. Their currency is the Icelandic krōna. Although currently people are having a "silent revolution" where doctors are demanding better wages. Some are protesting for the police force having too much fire power. The prime minsters popularity went from a 24 to 11 in the past couple years. More than 4,500 people participate in the protests.

Fun facts