Winslow High School Times 2016

October Newsletter, Volume 21

Winslow High School- Project Crop and Community Annoucement

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am excited and pleased to inform you that our High School will embark on a new project in efforts to increase awareness of healthier food options, stimulate our local economy, while working in collaboration with community farms and local businesses. Project Crop and Community is designed to bring local food and farms into school cafeterias, classrooms, and communities. The project was established on the premise that students will choose to eat healthier foods, such as fruits and vegetables, if they have positive experiences and relationships with the source of their food. Participating in school gardens, farm field trips, and cooking with local food are important teaching tools that engage students while building connections to agricultural heritage and rural communities that are so vast in Winslow. Project Crop and Community is a strategy to benefit high school students health and education, while simultaneously providing market opportunities for local farms. Crop and Community will partner with local farmers and area restaurants to integrate Crop and Community in course of study for pre-service teachers, early childhood educators, and health science students. We will work with stakeholders in efforts to establish one elementary pilot school and one main pilot Center as “Learning Lab sites” where students can see Project Crop and Community in practice. At the Learning Labs, Crop and Community ambassadors and various stakeholders will provide teachers with agricultural training, give the schools educational resources, and train parents to be effective advocates. By working with teachers and parents in this way, we will create an environment where students can be immersed in a successful and dynamic learning experiences derived from our towns rich tradition in agriculture. All Winslow teachers and parents will be invited to Crop and Community school trainings.

Project Crop and Community hopes to work with food service staff throughout Winslow and neighboring communities to increase locally grown veggies and fruits served in school meals. Project Crop and community will offer the staff local food and farm-based experiences and will provide them with support to menu locally grown food more frequently, conduct project activities in the school cafeteria, and to generally be more engaged in the overall learning process of the children they serve.

Community support is essential and vital to Project Crop and Communities development and our school district believes that sustaining project crop and community in Winslow Township will require community support from various stakeholders, including yourself. To develop a support network, we will engage chefs, farmers, and other community members in Crop and community activities. Project Crop and Community is an exciting new endeavor and with your support, our students and local businesses will embark on a mission to keep our farms and crops a constant reflection of our dedication & commitment to sustainability.

Best Regards,

Mr. Quaintance

On October 15th A parent workshop will take place in the cafeteria at 6:30 pm. This workshop will focus on Crop and Community resources and objectives. It will also cover the different cooking classes that will be avaliable throughout the school year. I invite you to come out and meet community members and local business owners.

Mr. Quaintance

"Preparing our student for tomorrow, today"