Avid Semester Refection

Kelsey Ngo, 1/11/16, 7th grade

How I Grew This Semester

Of my 7th grade year, my grades for each class were fairly good for the semester. Avid helped me study and organized for my classes. My grades had went up since the first day in avid class. It had help me become a better student.

Cornell Notes-taking

When I take Cornell notes in my classes, it helps me to study a lot better, especially in math class. I make sure that my question and summary is high level and extravagant.

I highlight, circle, underline to make the important ideas or phrases stand out.


When I do a TRF, it reflects on my problem for me to understand and reread it over before the tutorials. That way I will know which part I'm stuck on so I can let others know and help me on that spot. I can look back at the Cornell notes I took for that problem I have so I can understand the question better.

Binder Check

Whenever I have a binder check, I make sure that my binder is neat and organized. If any papers fall out, I have to punch holes and put the paper in to the binder ring for it to stay in there. It helps me not to loose any papers or assignments for my classes.

Public Speaking

I'm afraid of being the center of attention, but avid help me appreciate attention. By learning the ways of public speaking in class, I got a little bit better of speaking in front of people. Avid taught me that I have to have the right posture, eye contract, hand gesture, and enthusiam for a perfect public speaking.

Writing Skills

We wrote a memoir in AVID, my first draft was horrible, but Coach Robinson taught me how to edit my draft so it can be a lot better. I look for the grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other mistakes. she also let us trade each others paper and look for anything we need help on in our memoir.

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My Next Semester

For my next semester, I pray l will do a lot better then my recent semester. I will focus and work hard on my assignment or test. I will also do my best and study hard. I make the time to do my homework so I can continue to grow in the areas I feel I need help on.