Currency Act

by Jose Finley, Tyree Green


The Currency act is any of the many parliaments of Great Britain that regulated paper money issued by the colonists in British America.


This Parliament was activated on September 1, 1764

What led up to the Currency Act:

After the French and Indian war the British believed colonists needed to be watched and surveyed. The effects of the act which stop the colonists from making their own money.

What areas were affected?

All 13 colonies were affected because, the act was used to limit the colonists from being able to create their own currency.

Colonists Response:

Many Patriots seen this as fighting words for the New England colonists. But Loyalists thought that it was a good idea to help support America.

The Relationship between the British and the Colonists:

It showed that the British didn't want to be friendly with the colonists but wanted to regulate and control them