PLAEA Social Studies Opportunities


What's new?

PLAEA is excited to offer and share several opportunities in Social Studies education for 2018-19! Check out the following for more information:

  • Open Education Resources & Social Studies
  • Raising Global Citizens Curriculum Pilot
  • Year 2 Social Studies Training
  • Teaching Tolerance Workshops!
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PLAEA Pilot Projects

Open Education Resources & Social Studies Unit Design Cohorts

Teachers in Prairie Lakes AEA are invited to come together for four days to build Social Studies units using Open Education Resources (OER) to teach the new Iowa Social Studies Standards. The units will incorporate OER resources, Iowa AEA Online Databases, and appropriate websites. At the end of the sessions, each participant will have at least one curricular unit shared to a Google Team Drive Folder. The units created will be open and available to all teachers.


Create an environment of shared understanding around the OER movement.

Design Social Studies unit(s) to be shared with all teachers across the state.

Working Dates:

Dec 13 & 14 9:00am-2:30pm, Feb 14 & 15 (21 & 22 as snow dates) 9:00am-2:30pm

Check out last year's work in 7th grade Contemporary Global Studies!

Middle School Sign-up

We will be working with 3-5 teachers for this project. We will make every effort to select teachers in like-grade levels to work with their specific standards.

Raising Global Citizens

We're looking for pilot teachers in all grade levels! Click on the link below if you're looking for ways to teach your students more about:
  • Empathy & Perspective
  • Information Literacy
  • Student Inquiry
  • Civil Discourse
  • Global Issues & Actions

Year 2 Social Studies Trainings

This year we're offering even more training for the statewide Social Studies standards! Trainings will be held in Pocahontas, Fort Dodge, and Storm Lake throughout the year starting this month! Trainings are available for both elementary and secondary.

Do you have questions about these opportunities?

Contact Leslie Pralle Osborn!