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It does not care about. Akantamana His heart was so enchanted ! Chola country and the rivers that run common Audi has touched both banks during the flood waters Along with the increase in festival of Sri Andal. Fed lakes Even the waves of the river, filled to capacity Bang bang banging on their four. Waters However, religious North Cauvery River Commonly referred to as the heroic rush Narayana Lake, Vadavaru stream and it is tamil songs lyrics in tamil through A turbulent sea. Seventy- four culverts on the lake kumukumuvenru The far side of the tracks through the canals.

With The lake, the water from Ploughing was natavum Carried out as far as the eye can see. Here and there, plowing peasant song And the planting of women and created a pleasant Joyous music. Was listening to all this Vanthiyathevan Prodding his tired horse, riding slowly. As He quickly climbed the embankment, he began With the aim of finding out if the floodgates count The lake will have seventyfour popular claims, Culverts, really ! tamil songs lyrics in tamil Then come on And a half along the banks of the league, and he counted seventy Gates.

Wow ! How huge is this lake ? How wide and how long? Can We can not say that it was built by the Pallava tanks The monarchy 's throat just ponds and In tamil songs lyrics in tamil comparison to this massive reservoir pools ? Not The son of King Paranthaka who conquered aditya Madurai, the largest tank in order to protect the building North Cauvery water to go to waste In the sea ? Also, he thought he could run Action ? He must have been much bigger genius ! Who can Comparing the heroic nobility !

During the war on Takkolam, he went on an elephant ride, no Front and single -handed, to enter the war ? And Collision course with the enemy that he did not Spears on her chest and give her very life ? Because Deva, who is heading the wrong he did not get it He meant the heavens departed elephant Brave ? Notable are tamil songs lyrics in tamil the kings of the Chola dynasty ! They were just as brave as they were ! And justice They excelled in godliness.

Vanthiyathevan shoulders were brought Vallavarayan When he was proud that his luck Chola prince had such a friendly Dynasty. As the waves dashed against the banks Swift because of the westerly winds, and his heart lake Tatumpirru very satisfied and proud. All such thinking Thoughts on tamil songs lyrics in tamil the southern end reached Vanthiyathevan Veera Narayana Lake. There he saw a glimpse of the stream Vadavaru Separated from the North Cauvery falls Lake.
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