Rock 'n' Roll

Invented in 1935

The start of Rock 'n' Roll

What caused Rock 'n' Roll to evolve was slavery which brought different cultures together to create a different atmosphere. Rock 'n' Roll is a hybrid, a mix of country and blues created the African American society. Rock 'n' Roll wasn't just music it was a movement, lifestyle, and culture. People like Elvis Presley, Arthur Crudup, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard made it popular.

Other Artists

Society after the Invention

In the years after more types of rock was invented Country rock, Death, and many more. People went to concerts and became more socially active. People started doing drugs and doing other other things at concerts. Before rock people sang songs from hyms and sang the blues.

Rock 'n' Roll's turning point

I believe this was a turning point in life because great artists like Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard would never had become. Over time rock changed and there was a lot more sex and drugs. Heres a couple great Rock 'n' Roll artists.