Hazardous Substances/Chemical Usage

Reducing Effects of Hazardous Substances/Chemical Usage

There are many harmful effects of hazardous substances and chemical usage in a hotel such as oil based paints and varnishes, polishes for the floor and furniture ect. These are 3 ways to reduce the effects of hazardous substances and chemical usage in a hotel.

1. Non Toxic Paint

Reducing the use of oil based paints and paints with high levels of VOC is one way to reduce the effects of hazardous substances and chemicals in a hotel. Some examples of paint brands that carry paint with low VOC are Earthpaint, Sherwin Williams, and ECOS Paints.

2. Using Alternatives for Cleaning Solutions

Many cleaning solutions used in hotels are very toxic to the human body and to the environment. Using alternatives to these harmful solutions can increase the health of employees, increase moral and productivity. Some examples of non toxic cleaning solutions are Sun & Earth Laundry Detergent, Zum Clean Sink & Surface Scrub (for bathrooms) and Ecover Dishwashing Liquid.

3. Alternatives to Pesticides

Pesticides are also very harmful to not just insects but to humans too. Some harmful effects of pesticides to humans include memory loss, slower reaction times, cancer, asthma and other harmful effects. So it is very important to use alternatives. Some examples of pesticide alternatives are insect eating bacteria known as bacillus thuringiensis (not harmful to humans), pheromone traps and genetically sterilizing male insects to stop reproduction.