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Matthew Arnoldi

Community Circle

Everyday, students from Aquarius and Apollo join together outside in the ritual of the recess. It is the "lunch break" for many kids and lets them enjoy the outdoor breeze before they suffer more enduring days of school.

Students from Aquarius join with their friends to consume their food to please their midday appetite. It is truly an amazing site to see, kids talking with food in their mouths, food flying through the air, and supervisors doing nothing about it. Then, the herd is released.

The wild students are released from their pens and fly out of there. The men of the species run to play with balls, all kinds of balls, rubber balls, basketballs, and the football. The men who play football are truly extraordinary. Especially Matt Arnoldi. Jonah got a lucky interception off of him who will probably never play off the bench in his lifetime. Go back to filling up cups, Waterboy Jonah.

Anyways, the men, after a long break of wrestling and running, line up to go back to their education. They go back into their slums and begin to dream again when they will see the outside again.

Bacon is Back (Business Boulevard)

The classic burger is the perfect on the go meal, restaurant treat, or just easy fast food eats. "Burgers make the world go round, without it, the earth would be flat..." -Matt Arnoldi. Everyone knows the regular works on the burger, ketchup, mustard, onions, etc., but the toppings on the burger are in a heat to become the best of the best.

According to a recent survey conducted by "the Eater Team", a scientific food related group, bacon is America's number one choice of topping on their burger. Not only was bacon the number one topping, it beat the other candidates by up to 50%! America sure loves their bacon.

This study could possibly assist many businesses in the community. A recently opened Culvers', off of Lineville Rd., could use this study to know what might be more popular on their menu. If they took the bacon burger off the menu, they might lose some customers.

This survey, as random as it looks, is very interesting to many varieties of people. Businesses can use this to their advantage. People can use this as a eye-opener that says, "you dont need to be normal,", and this is a fact that you just need to know. If you know the bacon sizzle you can make the money drizzle

Student Street


Matt, Owen, and Gabriel, friends since 6th grade. Gabriel's mom picks them up to get a movie and a pizza, but what movie will they pick? Will they ever return? Yes.

Gabriel's mother picked Owen and Matt up from their houses and they drove to the video store for pizza and a movie. They browsed for decades looking for a film to enjoy. They finally chose one, Guardians of the Galaxy.

After obtaining the pizza, they drove back to Gabriels house to watch the movie. Two hours later, the men went downstairs t'o play some Xbox. Gabriel took on Matthew and Owen in NHL, and got whooped by them.

The end of the night approached, and Owen fell asleep, so the boys decided to prank him. They blasted the most annoying sound on the internet and woke the poor soul up. Owen fell asleep disappointed, Matt and Gabe stayed up till 4, and that was the end of the exciting day