Alligator Bayou Summary

By Morgan French & Cynthia Hillyard

Life Can Be Hard

  • For Calogero life was beyond hard! His father leaving Sicily for America and never coming back and his mother's death and time away from his little brother.
  • On top of that he moves to live with his uncles and cousins who run a produce stand in a racist town. The family has some friends like the doctor next door but the has a problem with the goats nightly spree on his porch.

  • He was no friend but has a cousin around his age named Cirone. Later befriending the brothers of his love interest Patrica they go alligator hunting a dangerous thing later on they were forbid to do.

  • Calo is not only just working he also gets tutored by a friend of the family Frank Raymond. He takes out to see an indian how later becomes a big help.
  • Soon the family befrinds Patrica and her black family and go to a gradution party hosted by them.

  • Rumors spread around town tenison is worse between the communities.
  • That is when it all goes down! After two goats so on there nightly spree on the neighbor's porch he gets feed up. He kills the goats and that sets the family off. After trying to confront the neighbor he gets scared and beats one of the uncles with the gun.
  • They gathered up the whole family. But Calogero got away and went to the indian. He gives Calogero and he goes north. None of his family survied. Now Calogero is gone and all he call thin about is that all of this is his fault and when he would come back for his beloved.