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MEI Middle Newsletter - November 2018

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We’ve had a great start to the school year! It is hard to believe that we are now at the end of October and heading into winter. It sure seems like the first day of school rolled around a short time ago and we haven’t stopped since! We had a beautiful end to September and October and were blessed with a gorgeous Terry Fox Run, some great days for soccer and PE outdoors, and warm sunny lunch hours. The sunshine made it hard to be in school at times; but it also lifted our spirits.

We enjoyed meeting many of you at Meet the Teacher night and Parent-teacher interviews last week. Please remain in close contact with teachers as the year progresses. We believe a distinctive of MEI Middle is the partnership that we have with our parent community. We trust that students have had a good start and we’ve seen many of those who were anxious or new to our community settle in; but if your student is still struggling or concerns come up during the year, we’d encourage you to contact us.

As the rainy weather approaches, please make sure that your son/daughter comes prepared to go outside for some fresh air. Umbrellas, raincoats and boots are in order as we celebrate “West Coast Lunches”. Unless we have torrential rain, wisdom tells us that middle school students should get some fresh air! This makes for better learning in the afternoon! Teachers will make accommodations with storage in their classrooms if winter clothing is too big for lockers.

Time has flown – but fear not: There are lots of exciting things ahead: Volleyball playoffs have started; Auditions for The Music Man gets underway next week; our Christmas celebrations and Concert are around the corner; we are starting to see basketballs in the gym and of course…there’s first term report cards to anticipate!

Students of Character


Our Student of the month is considered by all, a person who is positive and cheerful at all times. This student has a compassionate heart, is always willing to help others, and demonstrates respect for everybody, including both peers and adults in the school.

This student is a talented artist and possesses a great work ethic, producing deep insightful assignments in all academic areas, yet this student exudes humility at all times.

This grade 8 student sets an outstanding example for her peers as well as younger students in the school. It is our pleasure to award the September Student of the Month to Niamh Wiebe.


The October student of the month is someone who has demonstrated good character both in their actions and personality. This student has a kind and positive attitude. They are very helpful and hardworking. On numerous occasions they have helped clean up after others on their own initiative, even if the mess was not theirs, and they never seek any recognition for it.

The student is inclusive and goes out of their way to make sure that others are not left out. Always encourages others, both in times of celebration and in times of growth. They are polite and considerate, always offer to share their own lunch with others when they have forgotten theirs. This student also demonstrates quiet but strong leadership abilities that are appreciated by those around.

Both classmates and teachers have recognized the respectful and humble nature of this student, and strongly value the contributions made everywhere they go.

Congratulations to Sophia Smith.

What's Happening at the Middle

Terry Fox Run

A successful and sunny day for the Terry Fox Run this year. Thank you to all our volunteers and students for participating.

Meet the Teacher Night

Meet the Teacher Night is a great introduction for new students and returning students to refresh and meet the people they will be seeing each day. Parents and students are able to come and get familiar with the school as well.

New families were invited to join early for a the New to MEI Family Dinner.

Outsiders Day - Grade 8

As all the Grade 8 students finished reading "The Outsiders," they had an opportunity to dress up as the characters in the book. They then got to watch the movie altogether and discuss their thoughts on the book compared to the movie. Additionally, since the characters in the book got to eat chocolate cake for breakfast, the Grade 8's also got to eat chocolate cake, thanks to some very generous parents!

Justice Theatre

MEI Middle was pleased to host Justice Theatre this month. They presented the trial of a student who was being accused of online bullying. A group of our students were selected as jurors and taught how to deliberate. In addition to exploring the consequences of words and unkindness, the production provided students with insight into the Canadian legal system.

Assessment Conference

A group of Middle school staff recently attended Solution Tree’s “All Things Assessment Conference”. They came away both challenged and affirmed in terms of steps our school has taken in incorporating best practices in student assessment. We are excited to share with our colleagues and to put our learning into action!

Spirit Week

A major part of the MEI Middle School is School SPIRIT! The week was filled with fun ways to bring the kids together and have fun in the process.

Thank you to our Leadership 8 team for planning the fun ways to dress up each day.

Did You Know?

Every week at lunch, MEI Middle’s Instructional Coach, Darlene Dueck offers an Instructional Strategies session to further resource our staff. The sessions are voluntary but well-attended and are providing great ideas to incorporate into lessons around our school.

What's Happening in the Library

New books and magazines are added to the library all year so make sure to check out the “New” shelf and Magazine Rack. You can also look on The Beakling (library blog) to see what is new!

Library items are signed out for two week periods and can be renewed from home. There is a 25 cent fine for overdue items (per day/per item) so please remember to check your library account. Information on accessing and managing library accounts can be found on the library blog ( along with announcements, suggest a book, an Office 365 tutorial, etc.

We are having a Bookmark Making Contest in the Library for the month of October! Please come at lunch to work on your bookmark, or submit your design! There will be one student per grade who will win a prize!

The Middle PAC


Every year, the PAC prepare meals to freeze to have on hand for families that may be in need or crisis throughout the year.

The love, thought and care that goes into this day along with preparing of the meals for families in need, is greatly appreciated!

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Let the PAC Take Care of Lunch!

Yes they will! Every 2nd week the PAC with offer Pizza or Hot Dogs along with chip and pop for sale.

Pizza Days: Pizza $1.50/slice, $1.00 Pop, $1.00 Chips

Hot Dog Days: Hot Dogs $1.50, $1.00 Pop, $1.00 Chips

Make sure to read your Quickmails or view the Daily Announcements on our website for exact dates these lunches are offered throughout the year.

Athletic Update

Gr. 8 Girls and Boys Volleyball Teams will be competing in their respective Abby/Mission Volleyball Finals this Tuesday, Oct. 30. The teams will be playing Abbotsford Christian – boys at MEI and girls at ACS.

Last weekend the Gr. 8 Girls Volleyball Team participated in the BCCSSAA Championship Tournament at Pacific Christian in Victoria. The girls placed 5th.

The Gr. 8 Boys Volleyball Team also participated in the BCCSSAA Championship Tournament. Their tournament was in Nanaimo and they placed 4th.

You can stay informed of sports activities dates and schedules on the Athletics Calendar on our website.

Mark Your Calendars!

  • PAC Lunches - November 1 Hot Dogs & November 15 Pizza
  • November 9 & 12 NO SCHOOL
  • November 16 - Honour Guard
  • November 23 - PRO-D Day - NO SCHOOL
  • December 12 - Christmas Concert
  • December 22 - January 6 Christmas Break

Staying Connected

Stay connected with MEI Middle by visiting the following options that include Daily Announcements, the Latest News and the Events Calendar.

  • The TV screens on all 3 floors of the school
  • The Website:
  • Emails! The office sends lots of them to be kept informed - Check your inbox!

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