Humid Continental

Known as the cornhusker state

Yearly Precipitation

The yearly precipitation in Nebraska. In the winter the precipitation is snow. In the spring it's mainly the starting of storms. Summer is mainly the tornado alley season. In the fall it's not much pretty leaves falling and a little rain.
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Fall is a beautiful season.It is one of my favorite seasons. Fall always reminds me of my birthday. Fall makes everyone happy. Because of all the pretty leaves.

Climate Location

Latitude of Nebraska is 41.2324 North and 98.4160 West. Temperature in Nebraska in the winter is mainly 5 degrees to 35 degrees. In the spring the temperatures are mainly between 50 degrees to 65 degrees. Summer temperature are mainly 80 degrees to 100 degrees. In the fall it's 55 to 65. The longitude of Nebraska is 46 degrees north and 96 degrees west.

Seasons and Temperature Range

The seasons in Humid Continental are Summer,Spring,Fall and Winter. They have all four seasons.The temperature changes in the winter it's cold. In the summer and spring a little more warmer. In the fall it's just right!!

Factors Affecting Climate

There are no mountains near this area. The following factors are climate latitude longitude