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The Uses and Types of Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pump is widely used in industrial, it is broad-spectrum. For example, supply water(water filtering and delivery, delivery water to water partitions, be in charge of adding pressurization and add pressurization to high-rise building), industrial pressure(process water system, high-pressure washing system, cleaning system, fire fighting system and so on), industrial liquid transportation(refrigeration systems, boiler feed water systems, machine tool kit, acidic and alkaline medium ), water treatment(distillation system, reverse osmosis system, treatment system of separator and swimming pool water), irrigation and so on. We provide you king cobra screen for your disposal.

There are different types of centrifugal pump, such as vertical, horizontal, single-stage, multi-stage, single suction, double suction, self-priming and so on. Vertical centrifugal plumb also called submerged pump or submerged pump molten salt.

Firstly, according to the number of impeller, there are two kinds of centrifugal pumps, single pump and multi-stage pump. There is only one impeller on the single pump shaft, and there are two or more than two impellers on the multi-stage pump, at this time, the sum of n impellers consisted to the total head of the pump.

Secondly, according to the working pressure, centrifugal pump is divided into low pressure pump, medium pressure pump and high pressure pump. Low pressure pump is used for the pressure below 100 meters water column. Pressure between 100meters and 650meters water column will use medium pressure pump. And high pressure pump is used for the pressure is higher than 650meters of water. We provide you de-1000 decanter centrifuge for your disposal.

Thirdly, according to the way of the impeller suction to classification, there are unilateral feed water pump and feed water pump on both sides. The ulilateral feed water pump also called single suction pump which with only one inlet on the impeller. The feed water pump on both sides called double suction pump, too. It has an inlet on both sides on the impellers. Its flow rate is twice than that of single suction pump, which can be approximately seen there are two single suction pump impellers get together back to back.

Fourthly, according to the pump shell, centrifugal pump can be classified into horizontal split-case pump which has combined with the seam through the axis of the horizontal plane. And vertical joint surface pump, it refers to that combined with surface and vertical axis.

Fifthly, according to the position of centrifugal pump, it is divided into horizontal pump and vertical pump. Horizontal pump is in a horizontal position, and the vertical pump is located in the vertical position. We offer you mongoose pt screen at your service.

Sixthly, according to the impeller out of the way, there are volute pumps which will into the pump shell with a shape of a helix directly when it is out of the impeller. And diffuser pumps, when it is out of the impeller, then entering the next level or into the outlet pipe.

Seventhly, there are since the irrigation type centrifugal pumps and suction centrifugal pumps. The first one can be started automatically without water, because it is below the pool surface absorption. The second one is higher than the pool surface absorption. Before starting, it should be filled with water into the pump casing and suction pipe, then drive the motor to make the impeller do the high-speed rotating. The water will be thrown out of the impeller, the negative pressure is formed in the impeller center, water in the absorption pool entering the impeller under atmospheric pressure and by the high-speed rotating impeller, it will be thrown out of the impeller entered the water pipe by water pressure.We provide you brandt shaker for your disposal.