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What are your favorite GoNoodle Videos?

Open this link, click on the pink plus sign and tell us your favorite videos.

what is Gonoodle?

GoNoodle is a free website that gives teachers a library of brain break and activity videos to use in their classrooms. The short videos are two to ten minutes in length. They are geared towards students in kindergarten through sixth grade, however, many teachers of older students have found that their students love the dance videos.

Our Favorite Videos

Roller Coaster
I Like to Move It, Move It

How to Dab!
Bones! Bones! Bones!
Pop See Ko


Mega Math Marathon


Go Bananas

Rainbow Kids

Disco Brain

SuperScooper with Maximo

Get Loose

Zap It

Kitty High Five

Llama Song

Get Yo Body Movin'

Wishy Washer Washer Woman

Teacher High Five

Wobbly Man

Run Like a Kitty

Hello Joe

Punk Pigs

Peanut Butter in a Cup

Clap It Out!

Don't Read Like a Robot

Banana Banana Meatball

If I Were Not a GoNoodler

Pizza Man

Purple Stew

Hip Hop Astronaut

Jump Like a Bunny

Awesome Rainbows


Kidz Bop Shuffle

GoNoodle Plus

Are you looking to boost student engagement and achievement to a whole new level ? Go Noodle Plus is aligned to core subject content with movement activities

There are over 350 school districts in the state of Texas who have free access to the Plus version of GoNoodle because of a sponsorship from Children’s Health, the leading pediatric health care system in North Texas. Click here to download the list of eligible districts.

Download the GoNoodle Plus Integration Guide for step-by-step instructions.

What are Champs?

Champs are the primary motivation system in GoNoodle. Every time you play an activity with your students, you help grow your Champ. When you grow a Champ completely, you get to choose a new one to grow.

You'll grow your champ every 10 activities you play. Your progress meter will grow each time you play an activity. When your progress meter fills up, you'll see your Champ grow!

Each Champ grows 4 times. When you've grown a Champ all 4 times, you earn an award you can print and hang in your classroom or give to your students. (The award can be viewed right away; it's also emailed to you so you can print it later.) You can then choose a new Champ to grow, or replay one you've grown previously.

Tips for Using Champs:

  • When creating a new class, involve your students in the process of choosing their first Champ.
  • Your Champ will say something different each time you visit GoNoodle. Be sure to read the greeting with the class.

Can I change my Champ?
At this time, no. To change your Champ, you should either finish growing it, or create a new class.

What are minutes in GoNoodle?

GoNoodle tracks your minutes of physical activity to help students become aware of how long they are active each day. This aligns with the CDC's recommendation that kids get 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Each time you play an activity, we’ll let you know how many minutes you earned, and your total minutes are displayed below your class name.


Join the GoNoodle email list to receive periodic notification of new videos, upcoming events and tips and tricks. Here is an example of an email that was sent prior to state testing:

I know testing season can be a really stressful time for both you and your students, so I’d love to suggest a few ways to use GoNoodle to make things a little easier. Check out my recommendations below.

  • Start the morning off with Flow: These short videos will help your students reflect and set positive intentions for the day ahead! (Try “Swirling”... it’s my favorite!)

  • Turn your classroom into a game show with Think On Your Feet! Students will participate in a fast-paced quiz show incorporating a variety of simple exercises with trivia questions. You can add your own questions for a totally personalized trivia experience, or choose from existing topics, like Geography, Dates, Music, People, and more!

  • Let your kids know that you’re their biggest Cheerleader in the midst of testing and beyond! This hit song will leave your class feeling confident and ready to test their best.

Let me know what you think!


Mollie McCormick
Engagement Manager, GoNoodle

GoNoodle Blog

The GoNoodle Blog includes tons of ideas for implementing GoNoodle in your classroom. Many of the posts are written by teachers who are currently using GoNoodle with their students.
Some of our favorite blog posts include:

GoNoodle in Spanish

GoNoodle now has Spanish videos! Check out:
Gatito Choca Cinco! You might recognize the fluffy friends from Kitty High Five.

Perrito Vivaz from Awesome Sauce is the newest Spanish GoNoodle video.

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