Final details before your arrival!

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Final Reminders

Hi everyone! This our last Smore before you all arrive. Below are a few final reminders:

What to Pack:

San Francisco's weather is very hard to predict. Usually the sun is out, but it can be windy. During the day, I would recommend long pants, shoes, and a shirt. But make sure to also bring a sweatshirt or jacket that will keep you warm. When it becomes night time, it can be quite chilly. The weather feels like autumn which could range from 60 - 65 degrees Fahrenheit (about 13-18 degrees Celsius).

Here is a general list of items to bring:

Shorts: We will be spending a day down in Silicon Valley which will be much hotter than SF.

T-shirts/Long-sleeve Shirts

Swimsuit: If you like to swim, our hotel will have a heated pool.

Tennis/Hiking shoes: On our final day, we will be going on a hike/adventure. Promise, it's not too difficult, and very beautiful!

Good Walking shoes: We will be doing a lot of walking around the city so get ready to exercise!

Sweatshirts/Jacket: It can be cold sometimes, especially with the wind.

Business casual outfit(s): This is for your final presentation, and our final dinner.

Sunglasses/Sun screen: It can be very sunny.

Lap-tops/Computers: We will be doing a lot of work involving your computers, so please bring them! If you are unable to bring a laptop please let me know, and we will try and find one you can use during the program.

Smartphones: If you are able to get a US Phone number beforehand, that would be great. But if not, do not worry, there is a T-Mobile that we will visit on the first day and they have US SIM cards to purchase.

A great attitude and an open mind: These are probably the most important things to bring! We are going to do a lot exploring, internally and externally, and it is all up to you in how you choose to grow. We cannot wait to start this journey together!

If you have any other questions regarding what to pack, please do not hesitate to email me at

First Pre-arrival Leadership Assignment: Digital Narrative

Just a reminder, please remember to bring 3-5 pictures on your computers to share with us at the airport. Some of you will arrive earlier, and others will arrive later, so we will find time to make sure everyone gets a chance to share a little bit about themselves. Looking forward to getting to know you all!

Previous Smores:

When you get a chance, please take a look at the past Smores that we have sent out to you. There is important information on all of them, so it may be a good idea to just review them before you arrive.


Last reminder for flight bookings and insurance purchasing! Most of you have taken care of this but just wanted to make sure that everyone has everything in order. Please make sure to put your information in on the SurveyGizmo so we have your information. Thanks!

If you have any other questions regarding anything else before you arrive, please email me at Can't wait to see you all so soon!

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