ELAR Week 1.4

September 14-18

Poetry Week 2

New This Week:

Poetry Terms

Sound Effects

Sensory Details

Writing Poetry

Reviewed This Week:

Writing Responses to Literary Text (Poetry)

Key Idea

Poets have ideas they want to write about.

They try to make those ideas sound cool by using poetic techniques.

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Monday Objective- We will respond to poetry by creating artifacts that represent what the author is saying and our thoughts and feelings.

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Tuesday Objective- We will evaluate the impact of SENSORY DETAILS in a poem by describing the imagery created by sensory details in a poem.

"Oranges" by Gary Soto

The narrator feels ______________________________.

The narrator hears _____________________________.

The narrator sees ______________________________.

The imagery used in these lines allows the reader to know that

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Wednesday Objective- We will analyze how poets use SOUND EFFECTS to reinforce meaning by annotating a poem using 3 Column Poetry Notes graphic organizer and peer support.

"Where I’m From" by Georgia Ella Lyon

The allliteration in lines ___ emphasizes the idea that

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Key Idea

Sensory details create imagery.

Imagery helps the reader understand the message and feelings of the poem.

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Thursday- We will use poetic techniques by writing original "WHERE I'M FROM" poems.

Where I'm From by Georgia Ella Lyon

Find the template on Google Classroom.

Complete and turn in by the end of the day Friday.

Friday Objective- We will edit drafts for spelling using the spell check function in Google Docs on our "Where I'm From" poems.

Reading and Learning Log