Rio Vista Elementary

Ranger News - November 11, 2020

Have you joined the Rio Vista PTA yet? It's not too late!

We know we are partial, but we LOVE our Rio Vista PTA. We are hoping that you will join our PTA ( to show your support of our PTA and our school. It's quick, easy, and can be done entirely online!

Why Join PTA?

  • You have a chance at winning an awesome gift basket (click the flyer for more info)
  • Stay connected to what is happening at school
  • Make a difference by improving education, health, and safety for RV students as well as encouraging family engagement at our school
  • Be a role model for our students
  • Click to join today:

Find out who wins the gift baskets at our Association Meeting on Nov 17th at 6:00pm!

Small group instruction starts again!

Make sure your Ranger is going to small group instruction in the afternoons on Zoom. Your teacher should be communicating with your child about when he or she should show up on Zoom for small group instruction. Groups started yesterday, so make sure your child attends tomorrow! Contact your teacher on if you aren't sure when your child is supposed to attend.

PSUDS Speaker Series Virtual Parent Workshop - PSUSD Mental Health

Join us to learn about the PSUSD's Mental Health Department and how to support your child's wellbeing. A $25 gift card will be randomly awarded to one participant!

Thanksgiving vacation is quickly approaching!

We hope all of our Rangers and families have a wonderful Thanksgiving vacation and stay safe and healthy for the holiday. Rio Vista will be on Thanksgiving Vacation from Nov. 23-27. School will resume on Nov. 30th at 8:45am.