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Way more than a popular campfire treat!

User friendly templates allow you to create professional, interactive newsletters, flyers, etc that can be shared through multiple platforms - even printed!

Newsletters not your thing? Use smore for so much more -

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Just when you thought a smore couldn't get any sweeter!!

The Educator Hive is a community of educators who have shared their smore for others to adapt and use in their own classroom. There are HUNDREDS of published smores that are literally just a search button away. Easily find one that you want to adapt and with a single click, it is all yours! Edit and publish in minutes! If I was a gambler, I would be betting that you will be able to find one that applies to your grade level and/or content area! The Educator Hive is linked at the beginning of this section. Start searching today!

Free accounts have a limit of three smores, but premium accounts get you unlimited smores, as well as a few other specials features.We purchased thirty premium smore accounts and only have eight being used! If you want access to all the premium features, send me an email today and I will get you added to our SRISD account.


Not a deal breaker, but pretty interesting for all the numbers people! Your published smore is tracked and recorded for you in several ways. I am including the data on the SRISD Virtual Spirit Day smore that I created during the spring semester to help our students and families stay connected. It reached Ireland!
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Soooo, what are you waiting for?

Watch this short video on how to create your own smore today! The video is optional, of course! I promise that if you can make your way through Eduphoria, smore is going to be a walk in the park!
Smore Newsletters | Getting Started
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Become a Smore Master!

Smore Academy 101 is completely optional. Undoubtedly, you can easily use smore without is just THAT user friendly! However, it is available. In thirty minutes or less, let Robyn take you through Smore Academy 101 for everything you need to know to be on your way to create stunning newsletters, flyers, and more. There are five parts to the course. You are free to skip ahead or around as needed. Click here to check it out or get started!

The Real Deal!

If you are still with me, make sure to check out your campus teacher's lounge! I couldn't pass up an opportunity to share that delicious, gooey, chocolatey goodness with all of my favorite people!