Christmas In Australia

Ziy'ana Ijames

What is the biggest difference between Christmas in that country and Christmas in the United States?

Is the weather Christmas Down Under is never white. Snow rarely falls on that date.

How do these people celebrate Christmas?

The most popular event of the Christmas season is called Carols by Candlelight. People come together at night to light candles and sing Christmas carols outside.

Who brings gifts?

Swag Man

How do they decorate?

Ferns, palm leaves, and evergreens, along with the colorful flowers that bloom in summer called Christmas bush and Christmas bellflower.

Are they any other holidays that are celebrated beside December 25? (For example, any other dates in December or in January?

On Twelfth Night, January 6, there is one last party to end the Christmas season.

What foods are eaten in this country?

Roast Turkey or ham and rich plum pudding doused in brandy