The red tinted ducks


Latin: Anas cyanoptera
Average length: M 16", F 15"
Average weight: M 0.7 lbs., F 0.8 lbs

Male cinnamon teal have a cinnamon-red head, neck, breast and belly. They have an iridescent green speculum.

Female cinnamon teal are often confused with female blue-winged teal. They have a duller blue shoulder patch, an overall rustier color and are more heavily streaked

Food habits: Cinnamon teal dabble on aquatic plants in shallow water areas, especially rush seeds, pondweed seeds and leaves and salt grass seeds. They also feed on animal food, especially aquatic insects and mollusks.


Nearly all cinnamon teal winter in Mexico and Central America.Cinnamon teal are commonly sighted in the Midwest and eastern United States, and are often associated with a flock of blue-winged teal, most likely attaching themselves to the flock on their mutual breeding grounds. Cinnamon teal are common winter visitors to Central America. They are common and widespread in the Andes from central Peru southwards, and in southern Chile and most of Argentina.The Cinnamon Teal is highly migratory, beginning its fall migration early, peaking in August and September. It is rare on the breeding grounds by November. The spring migration begins in late March, but doesn't peak until late April into May. The molt migration for males, from the breeding grounds to the sites where they gather and molt, typically occurs in mid-July, before the birds head south again.


what i found intresting was the birds mostly winter in Mexico and Central America. also that the birds flock with the blue winged teals. and that us living in america will probably never see a real teal.