solving quadratics project


steps to solve the problem..........

N^2-10N+22=-2 .......

1st- make equation equal to zero in this case add 2 to both -2 and 24

2nd- rewrite the problem and get n^2-10n+24=0 then find the gcf so factors of 24 that and up to 10

3rd-then you get 6 and 4 that add up to ten , put them in parentheses and get


4th- then take them out of parentheses and make them equal zero and isolate the N so that would look like this- n+6=0 n+4=0, n=6 n=4

5th-then put your answer in brackets ------ {6,4}

Jobs that include Quadratic equations !!!!

Military and law enforcement-quadratic equations are used to describe the motion of objects that fly through the air so in the military you would if you work with artillery or tanks you would use quadratic equations to predict where shells will land.Police use it to determine the trajectories of bullets and to figure out the speeds in cars that have been involved in accidents

Agriculture-they use by finding out the optimal arrangement in boundaries to produce the biggest fields and pens giving the materials on hand,area is the length of a surface multiplied by width,this turns calculations involving areas into quadratic equations.

science-astronomers use quadratic equations to describe the orbits of planets,solar systems and galaxies , chemists need them in order to describe certain types of chemical reactions.

how do we use Quadratic Equations and why?

We use quadratic equations in real world problems as in jobs or in careers you are interested we often use them anywhere,even if you are throwing a ball because it will go up in the air and slowing down as it goes,then comes down again..... and a quadratic equation tells you where it will be.

project by Jessica Gonzalez,Natalia Coelho