Unescapable way to Branding

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Have you ever heard anyone say that they are not influenced by advertising? Well, i guess there are a few of them still reluctant to accept reality. It by far has been the biggest tool of propaganda and dispensing information about a brand. But, its role is not limited to this.

Advertising accounted for an estimated 579 billion dollars all over the world. Yes, you read it right. The GDP of UAE is just 327 billion USD ! It is one of the biggest industry that actually helps the other industries get bigger.

With rising awareness among the people and advancement in technology, creating brand awareness has taken up much more space in our life that cannot be escaped anymore. If you think that you are not influenced by the bombarding ads and branding, remember that the last phone or washing powder or any product that you bought was result of some form of advertising. Even if someone close referred it to you, you were indirectly subjected to it.

In comparison with the history of advertising, we are today at a place where reaching out to people all over the world is not very tough with the help of internet and creativity. The work of any advertising agency is still the same, though the modus operandi has changed.

There is not an iota of doubt that the best way to get repeat consumers is to provide quality. There is no substitute to it. If your product is not solving a problem, it better give your consumers a lifestyle goal. It should have the potential to at least allure your consumer. The increasing competition in the market is the best advantage for quality product because people forget the price but they never forget quality.

So to sum it up, where branding and marketing can get people to know your brand and even call your audience to action but once they buy your product, you are on your own.