Threats to Coral Reefs

Ben Mitchell, Johnny Pache, Reuben Harerra, Hayden Sanders

There are lots of threats to Coral Reefs

All over the world, coral reefs are dying. These reefs are some of the most important structures and life centers on earth. If we continue over-fishing, pollution, and careless tourism
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Over fishing

Destructive fishing techniques such as fine mesh nets, cyanide poisoning, and dynamiting are common in coral reefs, and have actually become the dominant fishing method in Indonesia and the Philippines.

These techniques are obviously very harmful to reefs, and have unfortunately become the dominant fishing technique in Indonesia and the Phillipines.

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Sedimentation, eutrophication, sewage pollution. All these cause destruction to the coral reef. Not only direct pollution, but the damaging of the ozone layer also causes destruction. The increase in water temperature can be devastating to coral ecosystems.

Careless tourism

Too many visitors to coral reefs can upset the ph and scare fish. Overall disturbance of the ecosystem should be kept to a minimum.

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