"Fight For What's Right!"

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Assuming The States Debt

The states should retain their own debts; States like Virginia who paid off their debts should not have to help more states pay off their debts

Creation Of A National Bank

The BUS is unconstitutional, and places too much power in the hands of the elite.

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French Revolution

The U.S. should support France due to its conviction to liberty, and assistance during the American Revolution.

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Power Of The National Government

States should hold more power to protect farmers from potential tyrants.

Alien And Sedition Acts

Federalist pass it so it would silence and weaken the Democratic-Republicans and to silence the news paper. Democratic-Republicans believe they were violating "Freedom Of Press".

War With Britain In 1812

They believed that a powerful central government posed a threat to individual liberties. Hamilton and his followers argued that a strong central government was essential to the unity of the new nation.
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This was created by: SeAnna Thomas