Grab the Coins

Grab The Coins

- This game takes place on a snowy icy day in Arizona. These enemies here in the game come from the battle 10 years ago after a game was won by one of my players and 1000 coins was given. Grab the coins is an online game. The Player starts the game when the timer starts. The player collects coins while defending themselves, along the way they can grab lives if their perhaps you get attacked. You have to get the coins and beat the timer in order to win, but if not you will have to start over. On each level it gets harder, the enemies starts moving fast, and times get shorten.


Hi! My Name is Hailey Graham Senior Here at Dorman High School. I am 18 yrs old Birthday is July 21, 1994 . I am a Beginner here in Digital Multimedia, but i feel like an expert. On that note i hope you all enjoy my game.