1:1 Student-Centered Learning

Collaborate, Communicate, Critically Think, CREATE

I have combed the lessons I have created and also some findings along the way. This list is has mostly free tools for you to share with your students when creating Choice Menus and Projects. Many of these tools will allow students to communicate, to collaborate, to critically think and best of all, to CREATE!

Haiku Deck

Make Online Music/Image Text Presentations

Animoto Slideshow maker

Prezi Slideshow Maker/Mindmapping

Voki Speaking Avatar Maker

GoAnimate *pay for it- or screencast it.

Padlet Message Collaboration Space

Blendspace Content Delivery

Linoit Message Collaboration Space

Glogster Interactive Media Board Maker

Discovery Ed Board Builder

Poetry Magnets Movable Text for Writing

PicLits - Movable Text & Images

Storybird Story Writing & Sharing

Apple Products:


pages canvas

pages document


garage band podcast

Google Products:

google document

google spreadsheet

google form

google sketchup

google earth



create timelines

Dipity Timelines

Create Timelines


Create Timelines

Map Maker Nat Geo

Create Interactive Maps

Many Eyes Data Chart Maker

Create different kinds of charts

Yudu Publishing

Publish writing


Students can blog

Pixlr Photo Editor

Visuwords Visualize Words

TagGalaxy Visualize Tags

Homestyler Designer Design Rooms

Tagxedo Create Word Clouds

Tagul Create Word Clouds

wordle Create Word Clouds

Fotobabble Add your voice to photos

Blabberize Add your voice to photos

Stupeflix Create online videos with templates

Capzles Create online time capsule

Jeopardy Labs eagles

History Pin History Images and Information- Create Historical Photojournals

Alice 3D - need to download - never tried looks cool

Museum Box Tools to build up an argument or description of an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box

Comic Master

A free web application that allows ou to easily create comics

Domo by Go Animate

Create animations which can be embedded into blogs, wikis and other websites

Make Beliefs Comics

Create comic strips online

ToonDoo Create your own comic characters and comic strips.


A web 2.0 cartoon strip generator

Pixton (cost) An online drop and drag comic creator with a paid education section for teachers and students to work in a secure environment

DropMocks Create and share image galleries online by dragging photos into your browser

Gnowledge Tests Maker

Quizlet Vocabulary and Word Practice

Babbel (learn a language)


Create mind-maps either on your own or collaborating with others (free)

Popplet create mind maps

Gliffy Online diagram software. Create professional-looking flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans and technical drawings (free)

Youtube.edu Youtube videos from Universities

Block Posters Poster Maker

Make a poster by creating images in blocks can be printed out.

Be Funky Photo Editor Edit Photos in funky way

Image Chef Different images

Motivational Poster Maker make a poster!

Pocket Photo Album Maker make a book or photo album to print

Trading Card Maker Make a trading card

Tricider Collecting Ideas and voting

Vocaroo record your voice and email it or post it online

Tumblr (teachers only)

Explania animated explanations, interactive tutorials and instructional videos.

Build Your Wild Self create human/animal hybrids

Curriculet (for teachers to deliver content)

NoRedInk (for ELA teachers formative assessments) free



Flip Text˙sıɥʇ ǝʞıl plnoʍ sʇuǝpnʇs ʞuıɥʇ ı uʍop ǝpısdn ɯǝod ɐ ǝʇıɹʍ

ForAllRubrics Rubrics aligned with Common Core

Kahoot Create fun challenges

Today’s Meet Backchannel Communication Tool

Encyclopedia of Life

Encyclopedia of Earth

Boolify Hone your searches

National Archives Explore National Archives

Project Explorer Explore your world

Wonderopolis Curiousity everywhere

Math Pickle Math Videos and Puzzles

Wonderville Science Experiments

DIY Challenges to earn badges


Please check these tools before you use them with students. Make sure the links are still viable. Make sure the content of the images and information on the pages of the site are appropriate for your students. Make sure the items and information on the sites are current, and reliable. Make sure sites match your instructional goals. If a link is broken or inappropriate, please let me know, I will mend it or delete it from this list. The list is random!

This list was created by me, Michelle Izzo, for a District-Wide Teacher Instructional Event.