By Joshua Beaver

What is Groundwater?

Groundwater is water that is held underground and gets there by rain water linking into cracks and crevices.

Porosity Vs Permeability

Porosity is the measure of how much space a rock particles can hold water. Rocks have very little porosity so they can leak into crevices. Sand can absorb water there by infiltrating groundwater.

Types of Aquifers

Some types of aquifers are sand,limestone,sandstone, and gravel.There are also 2 main types of aquifers ,confined and unconfined.

What kind of affects can deplete our groundwater?

Groundwater depletion can cause short droughts and cause vegetation to die.Long term effects can cause land sinking and seawater intrusion .California is a good example. Due to the over pumping of groundwater land sinks and earthquakes are occurring more often. Bigger wells are needed because of this and is causing the inhabitants to spend more money on deeper wells.
What Is Groundwater?

Pollution in the United States

Pollution to groundwater is a major problem in the US. In 2010 huge oil spills in the gulf of Mexico polluted the groundwater supply of all gulf coast states. Now , in places like California , land sinks are starting to happen and is causing huge national debt. Point sources like sewage leaks are polluting water all throughout the country . Non point sources are a really major concern as well . Things like road salt ,oil and fertilizers pollute the groundwater through runoff and infiltration .
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