SCCHS Library Notes

Marion the Librarian Dueck

March 2015

"What Do You Librarians Do All Day?!"

Some Statistics

Every once in a while, a staff member will come into the library before school or at noon, and comment--with some surprise--on the number of students in the library. To us this is normal, but if you don't come here too often, you might not know how busy we are. So here are some statistics from February:

  • 4929 people used the library, averaging 329/day
  • one day we had 463 people in the library
  • 68 classes or partial classes came in, averaging 4.5/day
  • 576 items were signed out

Moving Along

We are well into the second semester, now, and it is time to remind you how we can help.

  • To encourage reading, I will come do book talks for your class on any topic.
  • You can leave tests here for students to write and we will collect them when they are finished.
  • If your students are working on a research project, we can find materials--print and non-print--to support them.
  • I can help with teaching documentation (bibliographies, in text citations), search strategies, use of online databases, evaluating websites, avoiding plagiarizing, effective note making and paraphrasing.

Today's Tip

Search with filetype:

When searching for particular information, you can immediately narrow your results by specifying which format you want them in. If you want to introduce a unit with a PowerPoint presentation, you can type "american civil rights movement" filetype:ppt and all your results will be PowerPoint presentations. Finding one that suits your needs can save you the hours you spend creating a new one. Or if you are looking for teacher resources for a novel study, search the title of the novel with filetype:doc and you will sift through all the SparksNotes and other sites and move more quickly to meaningful resources.