Nuclear Fusion

By: Lab Group A

Hello, my name is Sarah Fulk and i have been working with my lab group to figure out how to use nuclear fusion as an energy source. I am proud to introduce my lab partners Bailey, Joe, and Sally. Nuclear fusion is a clean nuclear energy. First lets talk about nuclear fission and fusion to get a clear idea. Nuclear fission means that radioactive isotopes - like uranium or plutonium - are being split up and turned into other highly radioactive isotopes that then have to be deposited or reprocessed. Nuclear fusion means that two isotopes of hydrogen - called deuterium and tritium - merge together: they "fuse." And that leaves behind only non-poisonous helium and one single neutron, but no nuclear waste. Nuclear fusion is safe, it doesn't release harmful radiation, and waste cant be used in bombs, etc. Nuclear fusion is going to be a great benefit to the economy because energy sources are expensive.