Navajo Code Talkers

Maddie Lick


American Indians called the Navajo.

The country that they faced with:

United States

War-related tasks

They would have many different languages to communicate about the troop movements.

Accomplishment: The Navajos came up with their own language that nobody else had known and a language that is very difficult to learn so the enemies didn't know what they were saying.

AWARDS: The code talks earned many different medals, during and after the war. Most of the medals were accepted until after the war because the code talkers were a secret during the war and the military didn't want people to find out about their languages or them. In 2000 the United States congress reward the code talkers with gold and silver medals.

Facing discrimination

Most of the American Indians weren't considered citizens. The American Indians would have to relocate because the US forced them off their land and then would run into horrible things like poverty and fascism. The US didn't like their traditions so they tried to get rid of them.