The TRUMPets are CRUZing over the SANDy HILLs


If you're confused about the subtitle, it includes the top four contenders for our Presidential Election. It includes Mr. Donald Trump ; Mr. Ted Cruz ; Mr. Bernie Sanders ; and Mrs. Hillary Clinton. On this website I will show what happened, public opinion, and my opinion.

Opinions of Candidates-- Donald Trump

I feel the Donald Trump is going to start World War III if he becomes president. He hasn't shown us a nice side of him (if there is one) and that won't get us anywhere if he just starts creating problems with other countries. He says that he is building a wall in between the U.S. and Mexico and that Mexico will pay, but how is he going to manage that? It's like if you have an older sibling and they just come home and say "You're going to do all my homework, do my book project that is due tomorrow, and take my test in advanced math, so you can't come in my room." What good will that do? If anything, start a disagreement that could lead to war. He doesn't have my imaginary vote.

Opinions of Candidates-- Ted Cruz

If I had to vote for a Republican, it would most likely be Ted Cruz. He does seem to mess up his words, but come on. This is election for President of the United States. The media is going insane with this and asking unimportant questions. He is right by saying the people of the United States choose who becomes President, not the media. He makes very good points with what he says and I would choose him if I favored Republicans.

Opinions of Candidates-- Bernie Sanders

My favorite candidate is definitely Bernie Sanders. He knows what the country needs and how he's going to do it. The commercials he has on T.V. make him look like a very trust-able person and he has my imaginary vote.

**Also: the music below is a preview of "We Shall Overcome" by Bernie Sanders**

Opinions of Candidates-- Hillary Clinton

My family believes that Mrs. Clinton is just running for President just to be the first female president. They have influenced my opinion so I now think this too. I do like how she is going to cut the difference between everyday workers and owners of that business. I wouldn't be so upset if she wins, but I prefer Bernie Sanders.

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