Media is Global Communication


What is the media? The media is the main means of communication. However, in this day and age it means a whole lot more. The media is everywhere we go. Media is everything from reporting, television, advertisements, magazines, websites, and much, much more. It’s impossible to escape it and nearly impossible to have a private life. Celebrities are followed wherever they go and paparazzi are lurking for every photo. The worse thing about the media is that it isn’t always true. People can say whatever they want. Rumors can spread like wildfire. People can lose their jobs, their families, everything over something that may be false. The media is a dangerous weapon. However, it’s also an absolute necessity in the modern day. Although a lot of bad comes from it, there is also plenty of good. It works as a network across the entire world. It is a way that people can learn about others from anywhere on the globe. Whether it be news on music, movies, war, peace, or anything else, it can all be found with the click of a mouse or the push of a button. So what does it mean to be in “Media Literacy”? Well… pretty much everything. There are no bounds to what you can learn in a class like this because there are no bounds on what you can learn from the media. Knowledge is endless. Students will learn all about social media as well as news media. Media is all around us, and to not learn about it would simply be impossible.


U2 and Bank of America's "Invisible" ad

U2 and Bank of America teamed for a Super Bowl ad in which they suggested for people to download U2’s new song “Invisible”, and when downloaded for free, Bank of America would donate $1 to the “(Red)” campaign (Bono’s campaign for AIDS). They support their cause by showing a clip of U2 playing the song at a concert. U2’s purpose is to convince people to download the song in order for people to help raise money for treating people with AIDS in Africa. U2 play an upbeat song to get people excited for it as well as helping people for free.

U2 "Invisible" - Bank of America in support of (RED)

Individual Rights

The “Land of the Free” is a myth. The government is limiting our rights. What was once supposed to be a free nation, now isn't. Don’t get me wrong, we’re better off than a lot of other countries and I’m grateful for that. But there are multitudes of things that should just be common rights, yet they are slowly taking things away from us as well as not giving us more rights. For example, guns. The 2nd amendment states that that we have the right to keep and bear arms yet this socialist, Barrack Obama, wants to take this away from us. “To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens”. Any idea who said this? Any guesses? His name is Adolf Hitler. I won’t stand by someone who runs my country who is trying to take my rights away. And no I’m not some radical republican either. I believe gay marriage should be legal and that it’s an absolute disgrace that it isn't. How can the government not let us choose who we want to marry? Regardless if you believe it’s right or wrong, it’s an individual right. The freedom of speech is our most important right yet we aren't going to agree with what everyone says. It’s still an individual freedom that cannot be taken away. Another right, drugs. Now I know this may come as a shock to you all… but first let me say it… I think that all drugs should be legal. There, I said it. Now in no way do I agree with a lot of illegal drugs. But how can the government govern what we put in OUR bodies? We do not belong to the government. “The people should not be afraid of their government. The government should be afraid of its people.” They are our bodies and we can’t allow the government to decide what we put in them. Now I know there are drugs that are extremely harmful to people and I hope to god they won’t do them. But we can’t make them. It’s their life not ours. However, there are drugs that I do believe are beneficial to people. Marijuana, of course is one of them. We give our kids Ritalin to “focus” but won’t give a dying cancer patient a joint to ease his pain? It’s nonsense. In the 80’s thousands of HIV patients were dying because they weren't allowed to have certain drugs because they weren't FDA approved. Some people had to smuggle drugs such as Pep-tide T outside of Mexico for their survival. It’s about time we get our rights and make the Land of the Free what is was born to be.


All through the 50’s to 90’s NBA players were wearing short-shorts and sleeveless jerseys. And then in the 2000’s the shorts got longer and longer. A few years ago the NBA announces that it would be adding sleeves to NBA jerseys. Players were upset about this because some said it restricted their playing ability and not to mention wasn’t very stylish.

Now, reports say that the NBA has just added full-body uniforms. It covers everything from head to toe. This has made players extremely upset because many claim they cannot see. League officials are stating that it is to avoid too much “flesh-showing” as this seems to be an ongoing problem. Sources say that soon they National Basketball Association is going to make all players wear astronaut outfits as “the evolution of basketball style increases”.

The Miami Heat’s, Chris “Birdman” Andersen is especially upset because he says that there is no room for his Mohawk in these jerseys. Another player, the 5’9 “Nate Robinson” is mad because they do not have the jerseys in his size so he is having to sit out until they make the jerseys that small. Another problem seems to be the profuse amount of sweating this is causing on players which is why League officials want astronaut suits with a built in cooling machine and a tube for water. So, the question is “What’s too much for the NBA?”

1984 - History Rewritten

In 1865, General Robert E. Lee defeated General Ulysses S. Grant and the Confederate States won the war. The following year Lincoln was impeached and slavery was allowed throughout the United States. Robert E. Lee took over as President. There was unrest throughout the nation though as many people were upset. There were slave uprisings all throughout the country. In 1891, a group of rebel slaves attacked the white house and burned it to the ground. This infuriated people even more. It wasn't until 1922 until there was a big enough group of white anti-slavery people to start a movement to end slavery for good. On January 18th, 1922 James Phillips proposed a bill to end slavery, and by popular demand, it was finally abolished but that didn't stop some people from being very upset. In the late 1980's Martin Luther King III, started a movement to help blacks and whites get a long. In 2036, the United States elected its first black president.

1984 Response

Personally, I loved 1984. I thought it was very interesting and exciting. The technology that exists in the book is very possible and fun to think about. But also very scary. I do not think that any thing like this will ever happen though. But I do think the government is controlling us too much right now. When we were founded on personal liberties, we are limited now more than ever. We are supposed to be able to do more than what we are allowed to. The government is supposed to guide us, not force us on anything. Orwell is a literary genius though. And he has a valid point for sure. However, I did not like the ending. I feel as if it gave no hope to the future. I think with the millions and millions of Americans, if anything like this were to happen, we would rise against them, as a whole. No matter how hard the government tries to suppress us, I believe as a nation we will never let it get that far. And in this book I believe it shows that we would lose everytime. If I were to end the book, I would have done it differently. I definitely would have had Winston lead a revolution against this corrupt government. Because after all I believe people together are stronger than computers and telescreens. Because who built that stuff? We did and together we can stop them. So I would probably have Winston kill all the corrupt government members and start a new demoracy.

Media Literacy

I really enjoyed this class. I think it's cool to focus on modern things rather than things we've learned every year, just over and over again. It's important to keep students up to date on the modern issues in the world and I think this class did a very good job with that. I also enjoyed the books we've read. This is by far my favorite Language Arts class I've ever had. Even talking about social media is current and important because people overlook how powerful of a tool it is. Most classes I've taken aren't nearly as cool as this, because in most classes, I just learn the same things over again. Media Literacy has been entirely different and I've been interested in most of the things I've learned. I personally am not a huge fan of Shakespeare but I do realize it is important to learn. But other than this, I have had a great time learning in this class. I loved the talk about Edward Snowden the most though, because that is extremely relevant and related to the book 1984 a lot too. I believe he's an American hero and we need to pay attention to this man. Our own government has been hiding important stuff with us and this man is exposing it to the world. Watching the Ted Talk on him was the highlight of this class for me. I also enjoyed other Ted Talks including the one that talks about how the brain works. Another thing I loved about this class is how much we go to the computer lab and how most work is submitted digitally. This makes it way easier to do work and way easier to keep track of what you have missed. I would not change much about this class. I had a very great time in it.