Death cloud By Andrew Lane

Flyer by Anthony Carmona

Young Sherlock Holmes

In this book it has a very intelligent kind In it named Sherlock Holmes. He is very curious and also now that its summer time with his uncle it is the boring, at least that is what young Sherlock thought. Sherlock goes through a lot as a kid but now he has to deal with not seeing his parents for a whole year. But he is not alone he met a new friend who teaches him about the town. He also shows him around whenever they met. They have adventures but when a death occurs and Sherlock notices similarities so he gets to work. so Sherlock learns new things from the unknown family he is forced to live with for the summer. So he is going through a lot with the curiosity of the new city he has to live in, not to menschen the burning barn. if you read the book you know what I mean if you have not read the book, you need to it is packed with adventure. it is a amazing book by Andrew Lane

Sherlock Mansion

The story takes place in the Sherlock mansion where he and his tutor found something important to the story. Which changed everything and the direction of his whole summer. Also as he roams around town he sees stuff that would make other kids turn around or stay out of it but, Sherlock is different so he was in the middle of it. If I was in there I would probably not do the same thing as Sherlock so that is how the author hooked me. Also if he would not have met the kid in the woods he would not have to worries and be curious.

Guarrented to have a adventure in every book

About the author

I think that the author made this book to entertain young readers. He probably thought of engaging the reader by adding more and more adventure.


Death Cloud by Andrew Lane is boring at first but turns into a brilliant book in my opinion. you might have a different though so you should read it and see if you agree with me.

It is a book about a boy who has to live with his uncle. But he experiences a big challenge of solving mystery's and getting tutored while roaming around town.