Welcome to the United City of Geo!

made by: Nina Kazi and Erin Meinecke

You will see amazing sights and learn lots in our GeoCity!

Welcome to the United City of Geo! As you walk in, the first thing you will recognize is the sparkly, cube shaped White House that once belonged to the amazing presidents that came before us. The White House Garden, which has an area of 24 centimeters, contains two, beautiful, sphere flowers that show translation. The rectangular garden also has two lines of symmetry. In the center of the town you will notice an rectangular American flag with a cylinder pole. the flag also has two lines of symmetry. As you go to the front of the city, you will spot the cone shaped Town Central. It os where you can find all of your information. To the left of the Town Central, there is a pentagon park called Abe's Park that has a perimeter of 30 centimeters and 1 line of symmetry. As you walk to all these places, you will notice the neat streets. 50 Avenue and 13 Colony Road, G. Washigton Street and Flag Blvd., are all parallel. Liberty Lane and 13 Colony Road make an acute angle and an obtuse angle. Flag Blvd. and Red, White, and Blue Lane make a right angle. Under 13 Colony Road, there is a reflection of stars and there is a star that is rotated. I hope you will enjoy this patriotic city!

some things you will see in our city are below