The December Book of the Month

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This is the inspirational story of three women who used math, electrical engineering, logic, and common sense to code a computer the size of a room in order to help the WWII effort.

Hour of Code at Cannon

Hour of Code is Weeks of Code at Cannon from November 30- December 11

In addition to our Book of the Month biography, students will hear from experts in the field and try out coding through a variety of fun activities.

The Book of the Month Challenge

Students have a menu of choices for their challenge this month. These challenge options are designed to celebrate the mathematician in all of us. Complete one activity or all six!
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Click the link below to make your own copy of the Challenge Board to work on!

Complete fun math challenges and enter to have a chance to win a prize!

For every one of the six challenges you complete by December 16th, your name will be entered one time for a chance to win your choice of a mind bending math logic puzzle!
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