Whose on top?

By :Tilor Meyer

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. was an African American that believed that all people should have equal rights. Martin was an amazing speaker and tried to go through the Civil Rights without any fighting. He did really good speeches and had thousands of people on his side. People thought that his way would get what they wanted then Malcolm X had made a break through and people stopped listening to Martin.

Malcolm X was an African American that also believed that all people should be treated equal. But Malcolm had a different way of getting through the Civil Rights. He thought that fighting was the way to get through it. In the speeches he would make, Malcolm would preach that fighting was the only way to do things. Thousands of people stopped doing what Martin Luther King Jr. was doing and saying and they started to rebel on things and fight for their rights.

Linda Brown was an 8 year old African American that was one of the first to go to an all white elementary school. White people we outraged by her going to this school. She was put in separate classes from everyone but she kept going. She only went to the school because she was so smart. For the African Americans this was a good push to moving forward and thought things were turning out for the best. She did not go with what Malcolm X, she did not fight. She was on Martin Luther King's side and went without fighting.

My Opinion

Who is better

I think that Martin Luther King Jr. is best because he wanted to go through that whole thing without fighting. He really pushed forward and wanted things to be best for everyone. Also I think with Linda Brown's fight to go to the all white school was good because it gave African Americans hope to see a little girl face that with out it hurting her on the outside. I personally didn't agree with Malcolm X's plan to fight their way through things. It might have helped but I still don't like it.