to the Nile

by:Draven Rist

does the Nile effect people

It helps people by supporting water and food for them. If you live near the Nile it is easier to ship things.

Why should you and why you should not.

Why you should live near the Nile.

When you get thirsty you can drink from the river, You can also wash your cloths, Its also very handy for transportation. after floods the soil is very rich so you can plant your crops.

Why you should not live near the Nile.

You should not live near the Nile because there are a lot of floods. More Floods less crops. There are a lot more good things than bad things witch is why you should live near the Nile.

places you should go see.

places near the Nile

Aswan High Dam

The Aswan high dam traps most of the silt.and it helps the river flow through Egypt . The Aswan high dam is north of Egypt and Sudan.

Cairo, Egypt

600 miles away from the Aswan High Dam people stroll around and look at the beautiful structure's like old Cairo, Mosque,Cairo Citadel,

The Nile delta

The Nile delta Spreads out and drains into the Mediterranean sea. Is one of the most largest delta. from north to south 160 km in length.

Lake Tana

Lake Tana changes as it flows through Africa . Lake Tana is white or blue. silt from the blue Nile flood farm lands.