Student Survey about Self&School

Student Survey about Self and School October 21- November 1

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Today, you are being asked to reflect on yourself and your school in general. To do this, you’ll

be asked to fill out two surveys that focus on helping you and your teachers learn more about

how they can best support you. This survey will ask about your skills in life and in school, which are important for your school and teachers to understand so they can best support you in all aspects of school.

You will be asked to answer two surveys today. The first will have your name at the top. The

information collected on this survey will not be part of your grade or reflected on your report card.

The second survey that has your school name at the top is completely confidential. No one in

the school will be able to see individual responses. The information from this survey is meant to help the school improve its environment.

You will see a box on the page that asks you to enter an access code. Type your student ID

into the box and click “Enter.” Once you have entered your access code, you will see two green

buttons on the right side of the screen labeled “Start.”

After answering all of the questions, click the blue button at the bottom of the screen that

says, “Submit.” Then, please complete the second survey about your school.

When you see a final “Thank you” screen, it means you are done. Once you have completed

your surveys, you may read or work silently until all of your classmates have finished.

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