Cougar Weekly News

ConVal High School Happenings - November 19, 2021

Message From Principal McKillop

Good Afternoon, Cougar Nation!

I hope this email finds you well. It was nice to have a full five-day week as a school community. Please read below to learn about some interesting things happening in English, Introduction to Technology, German, Spanish, and Science classes.

Congratulations to the 19 new members of the National Honor Society (NHS) who were inducted in a ceremony last night in the LHT.

I am excited to share that our CVHS Library and the Peterborough Town Library (PTL) are teaming up to offer a high school book group to ConVal students. The kick-off event will take place from 3-4 pm at the PTL on Monday, December 6. The event will include a tour of the library, pizza, snacks, and time to select books that the group may be interested in reading. Towards the end of the newsletter, there is a link for students to register if they are interested in participating. I look forward to attending this exciting event on December 6!

The registration deadline for winter sports is Sunday, November 28. The link is included below under athletic and co-curricular information. If you have any questions, please reach out directly to Mr. John Reitnauer.

Since next week is only a two-day week, there will not be a newsletter. I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!



Upcoming Important Dates

November 24-26, 2021 - Thanksgiving Break

December 3, 2021 - Blood Drive (9:00am - 2:30pm)

December 15, 2021 - Winter Concert (6:30pm - CVHS Gym)

December 16, 2021 - Winter Concert (6:30pm - CVHS Gym) SNOW DATE

Emergency Kit Projects

Students in Andria Johnson’s and Anna Muncy’s Earth Science classes recently learned about plate tectonic activity across the globe and mapped out the geologic and other hazards that people living in these areas could face.

As part of a related project-based learning (PBL) assignment, students met in teams to propose an emergency kit, specific to a city or country and the needs of the people living there. The teams then presented their emergency kit science projects in the LHT to fellow students and teachers who scored them on specific criteria.

“All teams were clearly prepared to explain the hazards and why they chose their location for the emergency kit,” said Andria Johnson after the presentations. "It was really fun to see the students display their knowledge, enthusiasm, and personality during the presentations.”

English 11 Students Study "The Crucible"

Students in Alexis Harris' English 11 American Cultural Studies class examine The Crucible by Arthur Miller.

The play is the dramatized story of the Salem witch trials that took place in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1690s. Written in 1953, it also served as an allegory for the Red Scare and McCarthyism — a time in America where many were falsely accused of being communists.

"The hysteria portrayed inThe Crucible remains a relevant topic today," says Harris. "We live in an era where social media and easy access to the Internet allows finger-pointing and the fast spreading of rumors and gossip. If Arthur Miller's play teaches us anything, it's that we should think for ourselves and get the full story before falling for baseless accusations."

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Science Fair In German 4 Class

Frau Hodgdon’s German 4 class had a unique project-based learning (PBL) opportunity based on their current unit of study on "Salz" (salt).

Students were challenged to design a scientific experiment involving salt, propose a hypothesis, conduct the experiment following the scientific method, and then present the experiment and its results to students and visitors in class — and do all of it in German!

The presentations covered a wide range of effects and uses of salt: its impact on melting ice cubes and the buoyancy of eggs, the importance of adding salt to cookies, the use of salt in 1960s-style lava lamps, and the application of salt to increase the electric conductivity of a water solution.

ATC/Region 14 Information & Update

Students in Mrs. Fabianski’s Introduction to Technology class were experimenting with adding sensors to their Vex robots this week. Student teams had already competed against each other in a taped off “stadium” on the floor in an effort to push the buttons that would turn the other robot’s button off or to push the robot outside of the stadium. The teams used VEXcode VR drag and drop block-based interface to direct their robots to do things like use a forklift mechanism to move another machine or to turn on cameras that better allowed them to see their opponents. Introduction to Technology gives the students the opportunity to try Vex out, and those who really enjoy it are encouraged to enroll in the full semester Robotics class and/or participate in the afterschool Vex Robotics competitive team.

Cuando Era Nino - When I Was a Child

Senora Kraphol’s Spanish 3 students shared memories from their childhood with one another in order to practice using past tense verbs. In the Spanish language, the past preterite tense describes actions that have been completed, such as, “Yesterday, I ran three miles - Ayer corrí tres millas.” The past imperfect tense describes habitual actions that a person used to do, such as, “I used to run three miles a day - Corría tres millas al dia.” In their presentations, students talked about the activities they enjoyed as children, including playing with their siblings, riding trains, and going out for ice cream with their grandparents. Sharing old photos of themselves and getting to know one another a little better added a personal touch to their studies.

ConVal High School Inducts 19 Into National Honor Society

On November 18, the ConVal Chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS) inducted 19 new members in a ceremony in the Lucy Hurlin Theatre. ConVal’s NHS advisors Sara Longo and Amy Rushford as well as principal McKillop participated in the event.

The National Honor Society is a nationwide organization for high school students in the United States and outlying territories, which consists of many chapters in high schools. Selection is based on four criteria: scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

The following students were inducted: Maeghan Baribault, Morgan Bemont, Lydia Cleveland, Anthea Curtis, Brianna Decker, Annabelle DeLisle, Eliza Harris, Sophia Hatmaker, Gwyneth Inglis, Hayden Kaltsas, Fletcher Maggs, Alexander Olivo, Natalie Preble, Thalia Stafford, Ada Stephens, Kendall Sullivan, Avery Swasey, Inaya Vaidya, Elijah White, and Laramie Wilson.

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Athletic & Co-curricular Information/Update

Congratulations to Sophomore Emma Rodenhiser on being named to the Division 2 All-State Honorable Mention Volleyball Team.

FamilyID is open for winter sports registration. Please click here to register.

On Friday, December 3rd the Student Council will be hosting a blood drive with the American Red Cross.

The Interact Club will be sponsoring a PJ Drive to benefit New Hampshire children

November 15th- December 20th. Please click here for details.

If you have any questions, please contact Director of Athletics and Co-Curriculars

John Reitnauer at

School Counseling

Please click here to view the School Counseling montly newsletter.

Holiday Craft Fair A Success

On November 13th, the ConVal Class of 2022 hosted the annual holiday craft fair at ConVal High School. Over 50 vendors set up their booths and served hundreds of customers.

The classes of 2022, 2023, 2024, Interact Club, Educators Rising, and the Equestrian Team provided food in the mini gym.

The craft fair was an especially important event for the class who lost out on nearly two years of fundraising and the proceeds from this event will enable them to have an exciting prom next year. The photo below is the Senior Class Officers getting ready to work the Fair.

Thank you for all your hard work!

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High School Book Group

The CVHS Library and Peterborough Town Library (PTL) are teaming up to offer a high school book group to ConVal students!
The Book Group kick-off event will be on Monday, December 6th, from 3-4 pm, at the Peterborough Town Library. Students will get a tour of the new building, be able to sign up for a PTL library card, enjoy delicious pizza and snacks, and select the books we will read this year! The PTL is open until 6 pm on Mondays, so students are welcome to stay past 4 pm. Students are also welcome to come to the kick-off event even if they aren't sure if they want to join the book group!

Please indicate on this form if you are interested in participating. We look forward to seeing you there!