Harappan Culture

by:Sara Stephens


  • In contrast to cuneiform and hieroglyphics, this language is impossible to decipher.
  • Found on stamps and seals made out of carved stone
  • 400 symbols
  • written language
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  • Few weapons of warfare have been found, suggesting that conflict was limited.
  • The presence of animal images on many types of artifacts suggest animals were a big part of their culture.
  • The housing suggest that social divisions in the society were not great.
  • Lots of artifacts with clay and children toys


  • Archaeologists think that culture was a theocracy
  • no site of temples have been found
  • Priests likely prayed for good harvest and safety from floods.
  • Religious artifacts reveal links to modern hindu culture.


  • Gold and Silver came from Afghanistan
  • Conducted a thriving trade peoples in the region
  • The indus river provided an excellent means of transportation for goods.
  • Trading began as early as 2600 B.C. and continued until 1800 B.C.
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