MAKE in the Library: A Tasting

A Molecular Gastronomy Event

When is it?

Friday, February 14th, VALENTINE'S DAY!

Where is it?

The Wildwood Middle and Upper School Library

What is it?

Since we first learned about how awesome it was to flame grill things we've been applying chemistry to food. There's a ton of industrial chemistry involved in what you eat, altering everything from flavor to shelf-life. For people in one part of west Africa they also had access to a fruit that would taste sweet if mixed with something that was usually sour. The compound, miraculin, would bind to the sweet taste receptors in your tongue and only work their magic when the acidity in the mouth would rise. This allows the users of this compound to do neat tricks, like bite into lemons as if they were candy. Join Levi and special guests in the library on Valentine's Day to explore your taste buds!