Iditarod Musher

By: Michal,Lisandra,Fabiola pd:2-4 3-9-15


  • Susan Butcher was a iditarod champion
  • Norman Vaughan was the oldest Iditarod Musher
  • Rachael scdoris was a blind musher
  • Paul Ellering assisted Rachael in the race

What they get from the race and need

  • Winner gets $69,000 dollars and a new truck
  • They need an artic parka, sleepingbag, axe
  • They have a strong relationships with the dogs
  • Rachael says she is conquering the wilderness
  • Rachael needs assistance to see markers
  • She wants to live life

Why they have relationships with their dogs

  • Mushers see their dogs as athletes
  • Mushers need dogs to run for long distance
  • Dogs need to be taken care of to qualify for the race
  • Mushers race dogs better in the cold
  • Mushers work hard to train their dogs
  • Get trained when they are puppies

How they get into iditarod

Rely on their sponsors

They need to gain trust in their dogs to race

Each musher has 16 dogs

Have to pay $10,000 to enter

Rachael had to ride 500 miles to enter

Have to prove they can race