Mrs. Whitener's Winners

WEEKLY NEWSLETTER October 17th- 21st

Class Parties

If you would like for your students to have class parties this year, you need to respond to Mrs. Ross about the email she sent.

Here is her email if you lost it!

Hello Everyone,

My name is LuAnn Ross and along with Brittney Morgan and Blanca Mcbee we are sharing the duties as Room Mom's. We plan to help Mrs. Whitener and you as parents as much as we can by taking off some the load and making life easier. For all parties, Field Day, Silent Auction and Teacher Appreciation Day, except for Valentine cards all food, drinks, paper products and gifts will be provided. We will need $45 per student to be sent in by Friday Oct 28 in an envelope marked room mom/students name and give it to Mrs. Whitener. Keep in mind that if you need volunteer hours, help would be appreciated before and after all events.

Parties will be-

Fall Nov 11

Christmas Dec 21

Valentine's Day Feb 14

School's Out May 25

Field Day TBA

Silent Auction TBA

Teacher's Appreciation TBA

Thank you for your cooperation!

LuAnn Ross

Classroom News

- Need volunteers to help Tuesday night at the 4th graders performance. You will be helping sell pirate pops for a fundraiser for 4th grade field trips. Please contact Mrs. Ross if you are able to help out!

- For daily homework, please check my website, the link is below. I update the homework every morning.

-Please check your student for a belt EVERYDAY.

- For Math this week we will be continuing Topic 3: Place Value

Please HELP your child with Place Value (Ones, Tens, Hundreds, One thousand, ten thousand, and hundred thousand) ALL students are struggling with this. When ever you are doing anything with numbers or money have them tell you the different place values of each number!!! :) thank you

- For Reading this week we will be continuing with SRA.

- For Writing this week, we are focusing on planning and writing paragraphs.

- Every Thursday the students graded work comes home, please go through these papers with your student and let me know if you have any questions.

- Also grades on FOCUS are updated weekly so please keep an eye out!

-Please talk to your students about coming to school, and using their time wisely. This has been a problem lately.

- Be looking for emails from LuAnn Ross, one of our room mom, about upcoming events and information :)

Playing Kahoot!!

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Very important dates

10-19 End of First Quarter

10-31 Happy Halloween

Spelling Words

This weeks words focus on the consonant blend th:

1. this

2. that

3. these

4. those

5. there

6. then

7. than

8. bathe

9. the

10. they

Upcoming Birthdays

Kaniyah- 10/24

Alana- 11/ 21