Where is Middle Earth?



Nepal has a lush, green, exquisite landscape with rolling hills, similar to Middle Earth. The Hobbit describes the land as a green, grassy, fresh place with clear water and a sparkling sun. To me, this fits Nepal perfectly. Nepal even has it's own Misty Mountains! The Himalayas resemble the cold, snowy, fierce mountains incomparably. The official oral and written language of Nepal is Nepali. This region has a diverse culture, much like the Middle Earth. Nepal is secular which means they favor no one religion. The religions practiced in Nepal are Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and many more. In the Hobbit, each creature (specie) has different beliefs. For example, the goblins believe that the Goblin-cleaver and Foe-hammer (swords) bring bad luck. Now, I must talk about the delicious food you will find here! Nepal doesn't have any distinct cooking style as the food has been influenced by India and Tibetan. Most people will eat dal, (lentil soup) bhat, (boiled rice) momos, (steamed or fried dumplings and tarkari (curried vegetables). The Hobbit doesn't have a unique cooking style either, but in the average hobbit home you will find ale, beer, coffee, tea, red wine, seed-cakes, mince-pies, pork-pies, biscuits, cheeses, buttered scones, salads, chickens, pickles, eggs, raspberry jams, and apple tarts.

My Argument

Nepal would make the perfect Middle Earth. Why? Because it has everything. The Himalayas would be great as the Misty Mountains, because as you can see above, they have the same foggy, (hence the name Misty) mysterious feel to them. In the first chapter of The Hobbit, the narrator describes The Water and the Running River. Nepal has breath-taking rivers throughout the country that would fit well with any of the rivers described in The Hobbit. In chapter three of The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins along with a wizard and several dwarves take a short rest in the Last Homely Home which resides in a narrow valley filled with trees, moss, waterfalls, rivers, and so much more. Check, check, and check! Nepal has all of these natural beauties! Thus, making it the ideal place to be Middle Earth.

Isn't Nepal too full of snow to act as the Middle Earth?

Yes, Nepal has lots of snow, but most of Middle Earth is full of snow! Take the Misty Mountains for example, this mountain range is blanketed in freezing temperatures and frozen rain. So, it really doesn't matter that Nepal has quite a lot of snow. Plus, not all of Nepal is covered in snow. In the south, temperatures can reach a tropical high of 33 degrees Celsius or 91.4 degrees Fahrenheit! Great for the humid forest scenes!


Adding to everything I have stated above, I believe Nepal would best fit the description of the Middle-Earth for three main reasons. First of all, it has many of the geographical locations that resemble the ones in The Hobbit. For example the valleys or the Himalayas that look like the Misty Mountains. Secondly, Nepal has a great climate. It has the snow, it has the rain, and it has the tropical temperature. Third of all, Nepal has the diverse culture that would reflect well on all the different creatures in The Hobbit. Therefore, I can conclude that Nepal is the best fit for the Middle-Earth.

Foods Of Nepal vs. Foods of the Middle Earth

The Nepal has a wide variety of foods; just like the Middle Earth. Featured below you will see all kinds of food from both places. Feast your eyes!