Sherlock Holmes Death Cloud

S'more Made by: Chloe rasmussen

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A main Character Virginia

"Her hair was long and reddish-gold, cascading and curling around her shoulders like a copper waterfall hitting rocks and splashing upward, her eyes were the shade of violet...

... her skin was brown and freckled, as if she spent alot of time outdoors."

"She was wearing tight brown riding breeches more appropriate for a boy than a girl, and a linen shirt that emphasized the shape of her chest.

Impression of Sherlock and how he changes through the novel

Well through out the novel Sherlock he had a more open mind. He though of thing more complex about things. He understanded things better he was able to put two and two together.

What is your main impression of Sherlock?

My main impression about Sherlock would have to be that he is a very smart kid for his age and era. He process and develop things better than most people. I also think that he is ready to take on more mystery's (with a little more research on things in the world)

What 3 items would Sherlock bring on vaca why? w/ txt evidence

So sherlock would probably bring books books and way more books on vacation. He is always readying books from the begging of the book to the end of the book he is always ready when he ist trying to solve the mystery. Even when he is trying to solve the mystery he is reading a book. For example after he figures out that it is pollen that was around the guys that were dead. He started to read about bees how they pollonate and all the things like that.