Car Rider Updates & Reminders

Please read this very important information for car riders

New Car Lanes Coming Soon

In an effort to assist all parents with proper/efficient use of the car rider area, Mrs. Warden is currently working with the RSS maintenance department on newly painted car lanes and merge arrows. We are hoping that this will occur in early January. While we do not have an exact date, we want to let you know of the plans so you can be looking for the expected changes.

Four lanes will be numbered and painted, bringing vehicles all the way around the lot to the pick-up area where the caller stands. Currently, cars start merging too soon and the result is a lot of wasted space between cars that makes our line much less efficient. With the new lanes, the caller will call the first car in each lane, moving from lanes 1-4. We ask parents to please stay close to the car in front of you, eliminating large gaps that back up our line. Please see the accompanying diagram to see our new car lane plans.

Car Rider Pass

Any adult picking up a student must have a yellow car rider pass displayed in the driver window or on the dashboard. This helps our line move more efficiently. This is also another safety feature that helps us know approved adults who can pick-up your child. Need another one for a grandparent, babysitter, neighbor or older sibling? Just let your teacher know. They are always available in our front office. Thank you!

Change of Transportation Cut-Off Time

All parent requests to change transportation must be in to the front office before 3:00pm every day. If you call after 3:00pm, we can not ensure that your request can be processed. Messages about transportation changes are sent out to the homeroom teachers daily at 3:00pm. Thank you for your cooperation.

Car Line Morning Times

The car line is open from 8:05 - 8:27 each morning. Students who arrive after 8:27am must be signed in to the front office by an adult. Students are required to be in the classroom before the 8:30am tardy bell. Students are tardy if the bell rings while they are in the hallway if they entered the school building after 8:27am.