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looking for some amazing meals that can blow your taste buds away? Well don't worry i have some dishes that are low calories,healthy and sweet meals.

Type of meals

Breakfast meals

Most important meal of the day is breakfast dishes that you can eat is eggs,omelet,oatmeal or the classic cereal.if you want a low meal for breakfast you can have eggs because a small egg has 54 calories.

Lunch meals

In the middle of the day you might get hungry so what you can have is a sandwich,tuna,peanut butter and jelly or if you want to have something light you can have a salad or some fruits or some peanuts.

Dinner meals

At the end of the day you might get hungry again so you can have boiled chicken seasoned with lemon pepper and a side of spinach or any vegetable.but if you want a light meal you can make some soup,salad or a bake potato.

Desert meals

Then if you want something sweet and you feel like you need a reward, you can have a nice brownie, slice of cake,sweet tart and more. but if you want a light desert you can have some fruits.