Digital Citizenship

Damian M. Period 5

Rule #1: Digital Etiquette

THINK Before You Post: Is what you're posting True, Helpful, Inspirational, Necessary, and/or Kind?

Rule #2: Information Piracy

Be careful With Your Personal Information: When using the internet never give out your personal information. If you do this could lead to random people spamming you, hacks, and viruses.

Rule #3: Social Networking

Be careful on who you talk to: Social Networking is a way to meet and talk to friends. Do not talk to strangers on websites such as Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat.

Rule #4: Online Safety

Keep Your Identity Secret: Be sure to include your parents on what you do on the internet. Never give out personal information such as your name, age, gender, and/or birth

Rule #5: Cyberbullying

Never harass people on the internet: If you are being Cyberbullied tell a parent or an adult

Rule #6: Plagiarism

Never copy off of someone or something else: If you copy someone else's work give them credit for it.

Rule #7: Copyright

Ask before using someone's work: Ask for permission before using copyrighted work.